We are Syd X Syd! 

Best friends & business partners.

We started Syd Squared Jewelry a year after graduating, expecting it to be a fun hobby & creative outlet. Little did we know it would soon become our full-time jobs! We love meeting our customers and hearing the stories and meaning behind their jewelry. We are passionate about creating high-quality pieces that are meaningful and everlasting.


    Favorite things: My dogs, Going to the lake, Designing and creating jewelry, My amazing parents and support system.

    Favorite thing about jewelry: Mixing Metals & gold filled.


    Favorite things: Dr. Pepper, My job, Buying shoes, My family and best friends.

    Favorite thing about jewelry: A classic pair of hoops and piercings


    Favorite things: My fiancé and dog, Sewing/crafts, My friends

    Favorite thing about jewelry: Wrapping pearls, Styling ear stacks


    Favorite things: Dr. Pepper, dogs, Shopping, Lake powell, Family and friends

    Favorite thing about jewelry: Stacking earrings


    Favorite things: buying and styling clothes, my education, spending time with my friends and family.

    Favorite thing about jewelry: stacking rings & connector earrings.